Seems like our entire existence in 2020 was just one big conspiracy theory. As almost all of us were stuck at home. It’s time for us to put our tin foil hats on and rewind this years craziest theories.

1. Corona Virus escaped from a Chinese lab

It has been said, although unconfirmed, that some individuals from the…

As if 2020 couldn’t get worse, 2016 Clowns might make a comeback.

2020 has been quite year. Covid-19 has anxieties high as people are waiting for an vaccine so that life can go back to normal. We are in the middle of a race war after the unjustified killing of…

Women were independent since prehistoric times, it was the combination of marriage and misinformation that ruined female independence.

Many experts believe that newfound female independence plays a major factor in the decline of marriage. In simple words, women just don’t need marriage anymore. As of the year of 2020, 39…

Harper Bakshi

I'm a Media and Communications graduate. As an aspiring Journalist in real life I joined medium as an outlet for my writings and personal experiences.

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